Would you enjoy?

  • Guaranteed tax-free income and return of principal?
  • Competitive blended rate of return?
  • Access to your money anytime?
  • Proven, predictable, on-going Game Plan to manage risk?

If so, these are reasons to own a tailored to suit your needs laddered fixed income (bond) portfolio, which can consist of federal & state tax-free municipal bonds, state tax-free U.S. Treasuries or taxable corporate bonds.

Laddered refers to series of ascending maturities which, via the natural aging process become shorter maturities and eventually mature enabling investors to enjoy a structured continual stream of income and, proceeds from bonds maturing i.e. lump sum cash payouts.

In order to maintain the process reinvest some or all proceeds into bonds with longer maturities that are bought right by being purchased with yields equal to or above the yield curve.

A yield curve is a line that plots market interest rates, at a set point in time.