Lockwood works with BNY Mellon Manager Research Group to conduct initial due diligence and ongoing monitoring of each manager. To perform this essential work, the BNY Manager Research Group and Lockwood employ their experience, analytic technology and committee-based decision-making process.

The BNY Mellon Manager Research Group identifies what it believes are best-in-breed investment managers and strategies which it concludes possess the necessary qualities and characteristics to successfully achieve investment outcomes consistent with stated investment objectives and appropriate benchmarks.

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction Process

Lockwood research takes into account multiple strategy inputs as they relate to economic outlook, capital markets expectations, asset allocation and portfolio construction. Lockwood’s Investment Committee considers numerous inputs, data points and views when making asset allocation or investment research decisions.

Ongoing Portfolio Management

The Lockwood investment team monitors portfolios and makes investment changes, when necessary, to help properly manage risk in effort to capitalize on opportunities in current market environment.

Lockwood WealthStart portfolios are mutual fund and or exchange traded fund (ETF) accounts that seek to assist emerging and mass affluent investors grow their wealth.  $10,000 minimum investment.