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World financial markets support individual investment strategies.

08:30am – 4:30pm

Monday through Friday

655 Craig Road, Suite 104

St. Louis, MO 63141

Structure Your Financial Security

What is Craftsmanship?

To be crafted is to meet exacting standards.

It’s the human touch that combines art and science to create something unique.

We tend to think about craftsmanship in terms of physical things: fine wine, classic cars, custom furniture and iconic structures.

But, what about crafting investment portfolios to fund education, a new business or retirement?

Through a relationship with BNY Mellon’s Pershing and Lockwood Advisors, Inc, the Garbacz Group, Inc. has the ability to leverage the depth and investment expertise of Lockwood and the BNY Mellon manager research Group to structure and manage a portfolio based on your financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Investment Objectives:

Portfolio Management

Guaranteed Tax-Free Income

Personal Pension

Financial Strength and Flexibility

Over 27-year relationship with SIPC and BNY Mellon, combined insure your accounts for their full value up to $1 Billion dollars.

The Garbacz Group, Inc. is a registered investment adviser with the State of Missouri and may only transact business with residents of those states, or residents of other states where otherwise legally permitted subject to exemption or exclusion from registration requirements.

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